Why Playing Big?

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In their own words, women describe why they chose to invest their time and energies in the Playing Big experience:

They know it’s time to expand.

“I feel ready to share my work with more people.”

“I’m emerging from a period of cocoon and now…”

“What I’m doing now is okay, but I have an inkling I am meant to do something bigger.”

“I put my real work on hold for a while, but now it’s my time.”

Some want to play big with a career transition.

“I am longing to start that business.”

“I’ve finally made a transition from less fulfilling work to work I love, and now I want to play big with it. I know I need support.”

“I would LOVE to support myself and my family — to bring real money in to our household — doing this — the thing I’m passionate about. Is that possible?”

Some want to teach what they’ve learned.

They’ve learned powerful lessons through experiences of illness, recovery, grief, marriage, divorce, adopting, parenting, and other life passages.

“I am on fire to teach what I’ve learned to other women. This message must get out. It’s so needed. But I’m afraid, and I’m not quite sure how to get it out there.”

Others want their art back.

They know it’s time to reclaim a creative passion. Or they want their art to become a bigger part of their lives. In the Playing Big journey they find the tools and support to honor the creative part of themselves again.

What leading women have to say about Playing Big

Elizabeth GilbertAt last this very important book has been written, encouraging women to take up all the creative space they deserve in the world. I hope it will empower legions of women to step into their greatness. I couldn’t be happier about this publication. Elizabeth Gilbert
Author of The Signature of All Things and Eat, Pray, Love
Danielle LaPorteLuminous, deep, and practical. I’ve asked every woman in my all-woman company to put Playing Big first on their reading list. We want to make a difference in the world, we want to live full-on, and we know that our passion is powerful. We need this! Playing Big is like a torch that shows you where assumptions you’ve been holding could be holding you back — even if you think you’re using your power to the fullest.Danielle LaPorte
Author of The Desire Map and The Firestarter Sessions
Rachel-Naomi-Remen-Headshot-226x300In Playing Big Tara Mohr offers you the keys to unlocking your gifts, your potential and your power to make a difference. Tara’s deep insights, her practical action steps and her real life stories will set you free.Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
Author of Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings
Kelly McGonigalTara Mohr offers a new model of leadership, one that acknowledges and embraces the complex realities of women’s lives. Playing Big is the perfect catalyst for any woman who wants to go outside her comfort zone, find her voice, and embrace the biggest possibilities of her life.Kelly McGonigal, PH.D.
Author of The Willpower Instinct
Tara Brach, PH.D.With clarity, warmth and deep wisdom, Tara shines a light on our blocks to manifesting our potential, and offers practical, well-honed strategies that move us toward fulfillment. This is a book that can transform the trajectory of your life.Tara Brach, PH.D.
Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge
Jennifer LoudenThis is the how-to manual we’ve been waiting for. Tara cuts through our playing small strategies with every brilliant word and liberating idea. Jennifer Louden
Best-selling author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Woman’s Retreat Book

Why Do I Do This?

I have been coaching brilliant women — talented, visionary women like you, with amazing gifts to share.

I started to notice that these women really couldn’t see their own brilliance. They couldn’t see that they were actually ready now to play big, that they could be leaders in their industries and in their world. I recognized that I actually had had the same struggle myself, and I thought this — brilliant women not seeing their own brilliance, brilliant women holding back — this has to end.

It has to end because the world needs our voices.

When I look at the newspaper, it’s clear that the people who are in charge in our world don’t have the emotional intelligence, the wisdom, or the ethical integrity to use the power they have for the good.

I want all those brilliant, visionary, compassionate, ethical, wise women I know to be alongside men, leading and holding power — because they are going to bring our world into balance and sanity.

My secret agenda with Playing Big is to a create world where the kind of people that you and I want to see leading and in power are leading. A world in which wise, compassionate, centered, purpose-filled leadership takes center stage.

We could call Playing Big a course or a program, but it is really a movement.

Join us.

Women like us playing big is going to change the world.

Love, Tara

The Playing Big Program Is:

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  • An entirely unique program created and taught by expert on women’s leadership and wellbeing, Tara Sophia Mohr
  • Delivered via phone, video, and written materials so you can participate from anywhere in a way that works with your schedule
  • A six-month women’s leadership and professional development journey

The pioneering curriculum is:

  • Part inner work to help you overcome fears, end procrastination, and clarify your vision
  • Part practical training in skills for world-changing: communication, negotiation, getting media attention for your work
  • Part supportive and dynamic community of creative, visionary women ready to support each other in Playing Big

Playing Big is for you if:

  • You feel a calling or longing to play bigger, but you feel afraid or unsure about the next right steps.
  • You want to make a positive difference in the world but feel held back in some way.
  • You sense that being part of a supportive community of like-minded women would help you play bigger.
  • You suspect it would be a whole lot more fun to play big. (YOU ARE RIGHT.)
Testimonial - Jodi Riddick“This Playing Big thing is amazing! …and unsettling, too! Here’s the thing, I listen to the calls, do the handouts, and listen to the recordings (many times!) — I think I’m getting it, I feel like I’m getting it. So I go about my day. And then I have a moment in my day when I {know} I’m getting it. It’s like a land mine, I just stumble across it. An explosion. And I realize that I am that girl that I have been trying to be. I am leaning into the better part of myself. O. M. G.” Jodi Riddick, Interior Designer
Testimonial - Julie“Oh, you’re going to get so much out of this course! Here’s why I loved it (and am repeating it). The materials are concise yet somehow deep dive directly into what’s at the heart of the issues, so they are both efficient and highly effective. Playing Big offers an incredible community for support and inspiration. I’m a single mom who works full time and is starting an online business, but it’s been very worth it to make time for this program. Tara’s got some kind of Wizard of Oz thing — so much wisdom comes through in this class, it’s really amazing. Not sure how she does it but I love it.” Julie, Environmental Scientist and Writer

Testimonial I now have a vision that propels me forward every day. I know that my voice is needed and that I have a duty to play big in this life, to heal the world in the way I know best, no matter what my inner critic voices are telling me.” Amanda Vella, Yoga Teacher and Writer

If You’ve Been Playing Small

If you have been playing small, it’s okay. Most of us don’t play big naturally, on our own, without any support. From my own journey to playing big, and from my work helping hundreds of women in their journeys to playing big, I’ve learned we need tools, support, training — a process — to help us play bigger.

The Playing Big program brings together the tools that I’ve seen be most transformative in helping women play big. You’ll learn the most powerful and efficient practices that create real results.

Testimonial From day one of the Playing Big course, I felt things begin to shift within me like I haven’t experienced before. It was the most transformative process I’ve ever engaged in.” Ariane Hunter, Photographer & Blogger

Testimonial Playing Big has brought me clarity, strength and reintroduced me to myself. I say reintroduced me, because when I was younger I played big. But over time, as my career took shape, I went off track to a place that wasn’t true to myself. In the last few years I allowed people to really batter me and let my inner critic run wild. I stopped dreaming, being creative and really being genuine to myself. As a result of Playing Big, I feel the fog has lifted and I have been nourished, strengthened and liberated with some of the anxieties that crippled me 6 months ago looking so crazy now. Now I am taking action to move into a life which is genuine to myself and my callings.Natalie Galea, Corporate Project Manager

Testimonial “Your course has been absolutely transformational. It was vital to the success I am now enjoying in my business, and it has also transformed many aspects of my personal life in beneficial ways. I have talked about Playing Big nonstop to all the women I love dearly, and encouraged all of them to participate in the next session of Playing Big. Thank you for being a mentor and an inspiration.” Allison Bloom, Interior Designer

Results: After Playing Big, you can expect to:

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  • Take bolder action and reach more people with your work
  • Feel more confident in everything you do
  • Increase your earning power
  • Stop feeling too young, too old, or not expert enough to do what you want to do
  • Access your own inner wisdom quickly and reliably
  • Express your own voice and put your unique contribution out into the world
  • Feel less dependent on the approval of others — at work AND in your personal life
  • Deal with the criticism that comes with doing important or innovative work
  • Know how to get GREAT media exposure for you or your company — in TV, magazines, web, & radio
  • Be comfortable with difficult conversations and have a sound and reliable approach for negotiating
  • Stop undermining yourself with your own words, and have more influence and impact when you speak
  • Get the speaking gigs you want
  • Have a remarkable circle of women colleagues and collaborators around the globe will buoy you up time & time again

In their own words, women share their Playing Big results:

As a result of playing Big, I published a book, got a new website up, moved beyond some old energies of inner critics, and stopped caring so much what others might think of what I’m doing. —Playing Big Participant

I went from having 1 client to 9 with a waiting list of 8 more… I took a bold step into the field I was playing very small in — and only had the courage to really do it because of Playing Big. I raised my hourly rate. I am comfortable in negotiations whereas before I was terrified of them! —Playing Big Participant

As a result of Playing Big, I got the best teaching evaluations I’ve ever gotten this last term. I got a new job that I’m very excited about, after over two years of looking out for the right one. The Playing Big lessons were vital to the process of getting that offer, and then (just in time!!) helping with my negotiations. As to my goal of making a big contribution to global sexual violence prevention, this new job will be a great place to keep pursuing that goal, using all of these new tools. —Playing Big Participant

As a result of Playing Big, I created and am teaching a course that is built around sharing what I know/the wisdom I’ve acquired. —Playing Big Participant

I was advised to do Playing Big by my boss and many people have noticed how my confidence has increased at work. Many, many, thanks. —Playing Big Participant

As a result of Playing Big, I am telling my story fully and seeing this show up in unexpected and powerful ways, personally, professionally, and in my writing. My voice is becoming bolder because I am not hiding part of my story. I am trusting my own knowledge and inner wisdom — including reaching out to thought leaders and executives. I am being received for the quality of my content. —Playing Big Participant

I finally said the words “I’ve trained long enough. I can help people now, without another workshop, another class, or another certification. People are waiting for me to bring this to them. I start today’. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Playing Big has brought me the peace and wisdom I needed to live from my native bliss and beauty. It has changed my life forever. —Playing Big Participant

Playing Big Curriculum

“Tara, you have structured the course so thoughtfully; each section has had it’s own character. Your materials are superb.”
—Playing Big Participant

Part I: Your Foundation for Playing Big

  • Introduction: What is Playing Big?
  • Module 1: Quieting Your Inner Critic So You Can Play Big
  • Module 2: Your Inner Mentor: Tapping into the life-transforming source of wisdom in you

Part II: Slaying the Dragons that Keep Us Stuck

  • Module 3: Getting Wise About Fear: Simple, everyday practices for getting fear out of your way
  • Module 4: Unhooking from Praise and Criticism: Four strategies smart women use to cope with backlash and deal with fear of negative feedback


  • Rick Hanson, psychologist, Buddhist teacher and author of Buddha’s Brain
  • Gretchen Rubin, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller, The Happiness Project
  • Courtney Martin, author, Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists and Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: How the Quest for Perfection is Harming Young Women

Part III: Taking Practical Action – in a Whole New Way

  • Module 5: Your Callings: Identifying, honoring and answering the callings in your heart
  • Module 6: The End of Hiding: The subtle ways brilliant women hide and how we can stop
  • Module 7: Leaping: The art of imperfect action
  • Module 8: Navigating Negotiations and Difficult Conversations: A roadmap that takes the stress out of difficult conversations and enables you to get more of what you want
  • Module 9: Communicating with Power: How to stop undermining yourself with your words and 8 rules for speaking with confidence and impact
  • Module 10: Playing Big while Caregiving: How to discern when the time is right to play bigger, and how to care for those who need you while pursuing your dreams.

Guest experts:

  • Carrie Gallant, executive coach, law professor and expert on women & negotiation
  • Jessica Jackley, founder, Kiva.org, the world’s first online micro-lending website, and founder & CEO of Profounder

Part IV: Moving Forward

  • Module 11: Let It Be Easy: Sustaining effective action toward your playing big
  • Module 12: Concluding Session, Celebration, and The Journey Ahead

Testimonial “I’m EXTREMELY satisfied with what I got from this course! It is a collection of absolutely essential and brilliant tools that will be useful throughout my professional and personal life. THANK YOU for all the brilliance, work, thoughtfulness, knowledge, experience, connections, and (very importantly!) the love and passion that you put into this course!” Beth Molnar, Professor and Researcher

Testimonial “Playing Big exceeded my high expectations and provided me with a wealth of practical, new tools. I loved seeing tangible results within the first weeks of the course and building from there. Tara, thank you for your dedication to women’s leadership and authentic self-expression. You inspire me!” Sara Ellis Conant, Leadership Coach

How it Works

Sign up for the early notification listThe Playing Big course is entirely virtual: based in phone, written, and online formats, so that you can participate from anywhere in the world, and in a way that works with your busy schedule. Playing Big includes:

  • a six month journey with twelve power-packed modules
  • interactive calls with Tara each month. This isn’t one of those programs where all the material is pre-recorded. I’m live every other Thursday for a dynamic call that includes teaching, exercises that allow you to apply what we learn to your life, Q&A and discussion. You can participate live on our calls every other Thursday from noon to 1:30pm PST, or listen to the recordings at your convenience. If you can’t make the calls live, no big deal. Many women listen to the recordings throughout the course and get the full value of the program.
  • a written guide and set of worksheets for each module
  • two additional, “open floor” Q&A calls with Tara to dive deep into your questions
  • inspirational poetry, wisdom teachings and personal stories from Tara to support you along the way
  • guest interviews from incredible experts who know a thing or two about “playing big” — like bestselling author Jen Louden, Happiness Project author Gretchen Rubin, and Kiva.org founder Jessica Jackley.
  • an online forum where you can connect with other participants, get support, ask questions and get feedback in between sessions. The online forum will stay available to you long after the course ends — you’ll have this network for years to come.
  • optional small groups: you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in small groups of three that meet regularly for accountability, support, and connection.


Bonus #1: My Journey & Lessons Learned

In this bonus audio, I share my story. I’ll answer your questions about my journey and we’ll talk about:

  • The path I walked from an inner-critic-run life to a life guided by my passions and aspirations
  • How I reclaimed my lost artistic passions
  • The daily rituals and practices that most help me stay centered so I can play big
  • What’s helped me take some of the key playing big leaps in my life, like feeling ready to leave my own career, finally getting that book project in motion, and speaking in front of audiences that I felt intimidated by
  • The most precious lessons I’ve learned along the way

Bonus #2: Getting Things Done

In Getting Things Done, I’ll share my favorite productivity and self-care tools, how I structure my work day and my help team, and the most critical pieces I’ve put in place to ensure there is time and space in my life for playing big.

Bonus #3: Visibility & Getting Your Message Out

If you have a business, art, or a message you want to share — now or one day in the future, this module will give you a roadmap for getting there. If you are a blogger, entrepreneur, coach or creative, these lessons will help you. They will also help you if you are working inside a large organization because playing big — for almost all of us — involves finding a way to share our individual perspective widely, whether in major national media or in a smaller industry or company publication. This bonus will combine insights from my own story with professional expertise from the publicists and media professionals I most respect, who will join us to answer your questions.

About Tara Sophia Mohr

I bring to this program:

  • Fifteen years of experience helping women empower themselves and achieve their dreams. I’ve coached hundreds of women to start shining brightly and doing their unique work in the world, boldly.
  • With me, you get a very unique hybrid. You get the the practical, grounded in the ‘real world’ side: I received my MBA from Stanford University. I have extensive training in leadership, negotiation, communication, entrepreneurship, and business.
  • You also get the psychological and spiritual side: I am a certified coach, spiritual seeker, poet, and a woman with an understanding of the inner transformation needed for playing big.
  • And then there’s my personal journey. I’ve walked my own personal journey from playing small to playing bigger. Of course, I’m still growing, but I’m happy to say I’ve left what felt like a compromise career and created a life that feels wildly aligned with who I really am, my greatest loves, and the legacy I hope to leave.

Tara Sophia Mohr is an expert in supporting women to share their authentic gifts with the world — for big impact and knock-the-ball-out-of-the-park careers.

Tara Sophia Mohr’s work is known for its unique blend of intellectual rigor and intuitive wisdom – a blend of heart, mind and soul. She is the author of Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message, published by Penguin, and named a Best Book of 2014 by Apple’s iBooks. Tara is also the creator of the acclaimed Playing Big leadership program for women. Tara’s work has been featured on The Today Show and in publications ranging from The New York Times to Harvard Business Review to MariaShriver.com, and she has been a speaker at venues ranging from BlogHer to TedxWomen to Emerging Women. Tara received her MBA from Stanford University and her undergraduate degree in English literature from Yale. Over the past several years, she has grown her regular blog subscriber audience to more than 40,000 women from around the world. She is also a poet, and the author of Your Other Names: Poems for Wise Living. She lives in San Francisco and loves dance, art, and long walks with her beloved husband, son and golden retriever.

Past Playing Big participants say…

Playing Big was a priceless experience. This is by far the BEST online/ecourse I have ever taken — and I’ve taken a bunch!

I can’t WAIT for you to do another Playing Big course so I can send it to all my friends. This has been one of the most AMAZING courses I have ever done in my life. I loved it. Thank you so much.

A huge thank you. Financially a stretch for me but SO worth every penny. Seriously — this completely changed my life! xoxo

Playing Big is a godsend. Pure and simple.

What Would Change for You With More Support?

I know you’ve got lots of wonderful people in your life, but when it comes to this work of Playing Big, are you finding that you want something beyond that familiar circle?

Many, many women find they need a unique set of allies to step into playing big.

We need allies on a similar journey.

We need people who won’t judge or hack apart what we are working on when it is in that early, tender stage.

We need kindred spirits who share that desire to have an impact, not people who are threatened by it. The Playing Big tribe is here to give you that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the schedule?

We’ll begin the course in the last week of April, with our first live call on Wednesday, April 29th. The course will run through mid-October, with a live call taking place every other Thursday at noon PST.

Can I get recordings if I can’t attend the course calls live?

The program is designed to work whether you can attend live or not, and call recordings will always be posted right away. You’ll still get to participate fully in the program and can always ask your questions or participate in discussion via the online forum.

I’m not sure if online learning would really work for me?

It’s a great question. Many past participants have been surprised at how easy and engaging the online format is. Here are a few things to keep in mind: The course materials are always simple to access. The course combines written materials, worksheets and exercises, phone-based live calls, and recorded audio and video learning. The variety of formats means you’ll be able to digest the material in ways that work for you. The pluses of a distance-learning approach are that you’ll connect with like-minded women from all over the world and that you can learn/participate in a way that works easily with your schedule.

I work inside an organization or company. Is playing big mostly for entrepreneurs?

Not at all! One of the amazing things about this program is the mix of women entrepreneurs and women working inside organizations. In fact, last session, we were an almost even mix — 49% entrepreneurs, 51% women working inside organizations!

The topics we cover in playing big — from quieting your inner critic, to learning how to communicate and negotiate more powerfully, to “unhooking” from criticism and praise – are transformational for women across all kinds of careers. Here’s what some women who took the program when working for organizations had to say: I started Playing Big at the same time I moved into a corporate senior management role — a huge leap from the isolated desk research role that I had been in. I have been running into my own old habits turning into obstacles. I turn to the Playing Big lessons when I find a new struggle that I can’t resolve and the content leads me to look at situations in new ways, opening new solutions and opportunities. Playing Big has increased my confidence and effectiveness, while lowering my stress and worry. Perfectly delivered to help me grow into the leader that I have been asked to be. — Yvonne Juarez I’ve experienced significant changes because of this program. I am able to put my learning, qualifications, and skills to best use because I communicate more clearly. I find that others are more clear about my role and contributions, which means they know when to come to me for input and when the request should go elsewhere. My profile is also growing in the industry, which is positive for the organization I work for. I manage my time better because I understand my role and worth, so delegate tasks more easily when appropriate. I also communicate more confidently with senior managers and with the people who report to me. I am generally more professional, happier, and putting energy into areas that align with the organization’s mission, as well as my own values. — Joelle Adams

My company sponsors professional development. Do you have something about the program I can send to my employer?

Yes, we have a document that provides an overview of the program, participant evaluation results, and testimonials from women working within large organizations who speak about the business results achieved through their participation in the program. Email playingbig@taramohr.com to request this document and we’ll send it right over to you.

I feel ambivalent about the very idea of “playing big.”

You are not alone. Many women share these mixed feelings about the notion of Playing Big. Many of us worry that playing big will mean leaving behind things we love — free time, or the quiet and simple parts of our lives. Many of us worry that playing bigger would mean we’d somehow stand out, or stand apart, from the people we love- and we don’t want that. Many of us feel fatigued by our culture’s need for everything to be big, bigger, biggest. We know that’s not sustainable for human beings or the planet. We don’t want to perpetuate that kind of thinking.

All of these ambivalences are very normal — and in my view, they are precisely the reason why women need a context and a journey to redefine and reclaim playing big for themselves — to find a playing big that is aligned with their values, allows them to stay in community and relationship, and that’s good for the earth too.

In the Playing Big program, each woman defines playing big on her own terms. For most, Playing Big does not mean owning an empire or getting overtaken by a drive toward success. Playing Big means courageously going for your personal dreams and longings and having the positive impact your heart wants to have in the world.

What’s the schedule?

The course runs for six months, with live calls on Thursdays from noon to 1:30pm PST. You can attend the calls live or listen to them at your convenience.

What’s the investment?

You can pay monthly over six months with an investment of $164 per month, or you can pay for the full program up front and save $100.

What if I sign up and change my mind, or what if my life just gets super busy?

First things first: Playing Big has a more than 95% completion rate, with very few participants finding they don’t want to experience the full journey.

Second, all program materials are yours for life — so even if an unexpected change in your schedule happens, you can still get the full value of the program when you are ready.

However, if within the first 30 days of the program, you find the program isn’t working for you, and you have completed the program materials and worksheets we’ve done so far, let us know, and your tuition will be refunded.

I’m having technical trouble signing up.

No problem. We can help. Just email playingbig@taramohr.com and we’ll get you all set up.

Honestly, I feel intimidated and nervous about signing up.

You aren’t alone. Many women hear a voice in their head saying “You won’t fit in with this crowd of women” or “Who do you think you are?”

Here’s why: The part of you that loves perfectionism and the familiar, the part that keeps putting off playing big for just another couple years…? That part of you is shakin’ in its boots, knowing that signing up for Playing Big will mean shaking things up.

Signing up for playing big is a significant first step toward playing bigger. Fear and the inner critic will naturally come up.

By the end of the course, you’ll be such an expert in how to deal with this you’ll be smiling looking back at this moment.

But for now, can you notice this scared and critical part of you but not take direction from it?

Let your aspirations, your passion, your hopes — not fear or the inner critic — be in charge of the decision to sign up.

What if I don’t know what I want to Play Big with?

That’s okay. Some participants come into the course with a specific idea of what playing bigger looks like for them. Other’s aren’t sure, but find that the skills and tools we learn in the course allow them to play bigger in all areas of their lives and support them as their next passion or professional direction emerges.

I’m just not sure.

Well, if you were my coaching client I’d ask you to:

  • Check in with your body: How does the idea of registering feel in your body — good and exciting? Good but scary/exhilarating? Those are good signs.
  • Notice what part of you is hesitant: Your inner wisdom? Listen up. Inner critic? Voice of fear? Not good voices to listen to. Question what they are saying. Especially question any voices telling you you somehow don’t measure up to being in this group, or won’t be able to “do it right,” or that the time to do this has to be just right.
  • Explore: Is there a particular fear or worry you have? If so, write it down and examine it in the light.
  • Ask yourself: If you knew you couldn’t fail at this, and that you’d fit in beautifully with the group — what would you do?
  • Reflect: What are your intentions for the coming year? Does this feel well aligned, or not?